Act as if You are Fit

Act as if you are fit, whether you are or not.

Here come the clichés:
Change your mind and your body will follow.
You have to believe it to be it.
Attitude drives behavior.

These statements may be cliché, but they are true.   The mind-body connection is incredibly powerful.  You have to believe in yourself, in your deservingness, and your ability to achieve your goals.  If you change your mindset and start thinking of yourself as a fit individual, you will start making decisions as if you are a fit individual – making it to your workouts and giving 100% of what you have to give to each workout, selecting foods that support your health and fitness goals, dressing in clothing that flatters your body, etc.

It is just as important to transform your mind, as it is to transform your body.  This involves getting rid of head trash – thoughts that are self-deprecating and self-defeating.  From this moment on, think of yourself as a confident, empowered, and capable individual determined to reach your goals. 

“The way you exist in your body comes from your mind first.”
      Kate Donovan

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